Do you provide care with a loving touch?

Caregivers – We believe that it’s not what we do, but how we do it. All of our elderly caregiving services are delivered with a smile. We all know that a smile can be infectious.

We are looking for Attentive Listeners

Being the type of person that listens to patients needs, and has conversations with them is key.  We strive for excellence in offering a perfect match for each patient and caregiver.

Are you Licensed and Qualified?

We place a variety of caregivers and licensed professionals in homes across Palm Beach County. Meet the criteria? Start working in Palm Beach County, Apply Now!

Professional Adult Caregiver Provider located in Boca Raton

Amerihome Health Care selects Caregivers who are passionate about providing in home care to those in need.

Trina Andreacci

Trina Andreacci


Trina is the proud owner of Amerihome Healthcare, LLC operating since 2009 in Palm Beach County.

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention”, is there for a very good reason.

When a need is not being met, someone usually steps in and takes charge.
That is what Trina did.

Her logo clearly tells you all about who she is. “Two hands holding one Heart.” That’s Trina!

Trina is passionate about her business. She has pledged to always provide exemplary care to those entrusted to Amerihome Health Care.

Margie Autin

Margie Autin

Office Manager

Margie is at the center position at Amerihome Healthcare.

She handles the most important job. Margie makes sure the caregivers have their licenses up to date. As well as all the state requirements for a Nurse Registry.

Margie as well runs the entire office. From answering phones to making sure the office, and all paperwork has met the strict laws of  the ACHA.  While also meeting the laws of the State of Florida.

Her responsibilities are endless.  Everything having to do with the excellence of Amerihome Healthcare starts with Margie.

Eileen Glassman

Eileen Glassman

Patient Co-ordinator

Eileen was a caregiver for over 15 years.  She was then hired by an Agency in South Florida as their director of marketing and as a patient advocate. Eileen worked closely with patients in hospitals and rehab centers making sure that their care plan was being implemented. While also working closely with their families, especially the ones that live out of town.

Eileen has been with Amerihome Healthcare for over 2 years. Her main objective, is to make sure each caregiver has been placed with the right patient. She also does the majority of hiring and working with the most important aspects of scheduling .

Cathey Thomas

Cathey Thomas

Alternate Administrator

I believe it’s safe to say South Florida will always be Cathey’s home, she has lived here for over 48 years. Cathey has been in the financial industry for 35 years. She also oversees all the day to day operations of the office. Along with the financial responsibilities for AmeriHome healthcare.

Cathey insures that our patients and their families have the financial assistance needed for their care. While she is also willing to step in, and help in anyway so that they clearly understand the process.

She is very caring and wants the best for them. Cathey works very closely with our CFO and reports all financial changes to him.

Why Should I apply to Amerihome Health Care?

Our ACHA  accredited nurse registry is deficiency free.  Caring for our clients and our staff. We place caregivers as if we were placing them to take care of our family. We do our best to give our  caregivers opportunities with patients to compliment their schedule. 

What types of shifts do we offer Caregivers?

We are constantly growing and offer caregivers a wide variety of shifts you can choose from. We have hourly shifts, day shifts, night shifts, transportation shifts & 24/7 cases. And we are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week so we are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Where can I work?

Our office is located in Boca Raton, Florida. We Focus on Palm Beach County. You can work in the city that is close for you and will be given preference for the cases that are close to your home.

Do you hire W-2, 1099, or private contractors?

At Amerihome Health Care, you are part of the team. Your considered an asset of Amerihome Health Care which means we are here for you! You receive your settlement checks Bi-Weekly as a 1099 private contractor. Your working for yourself and will be your own boss. You are able to work as many hours as you choose. The benefits are that you get to choose your own clients and your own pay rate.