Trina Andreacci

The saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, is there for a very good reason. When a need should be met and it isn’t, someone usually steps in and takes charge. That is exactly what Trina Andreacci did.

Trina had to coordinate care for her frail, elderly grandmother while working and going through the arduous process of adopting a child. It was very difficult to balance her daily responsibilities while having to look for qualified care for her grandmother who lived in a different estate, after a while the situation became too much. Trina searched for quality, reliable help and came up with few good options. She wondered if there weren’t others just like her, with similar stressful issues who could benefit from a personalized care-giving experience that would not only provide the services required, but give peace of mind as well.

AmeriHome Health Care was launched. While not a requirement, Trina believed so strongly in making sure clients get the most appropriate services, she studied for a Home Health Aide (HHA) certification. The result: “You’re in Loving Hands” …quality services, tailored to each individual’s needs and the reassurance to family and others that their loved one would be safe, comfortable and above all happy at home with caring people.

Trina is passionate about her business and has pledged to always provide exemplary care to those entrusted to AmeriHome Heath Care LLC.